Surgical Expertise

Associate Professor Emel Canbay is dedicated to surgical innovations. She applies the latest pioneering techniques to achieve cure and palliation in advanced gastrointestinal and gynecologic malignancies but also minimize surgical trauma and access sites and thus achieves a more rapid and comfortable recovery for her patients.

She completed her surgical fellowship with Professor Yutaka Yonemura in Japan, one of the most prominent surgeons in the world. Then, she has visited surgeon to Professor Paul H. Sugarbaker in Washington Hospital Center, Peritoneal Malignancy Treatment Center, in US.

She was also closely trained by the pioneer of Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery, Professor Noh Sung-Hoon, Professor Kim Byung S, Prof. Yang Han-Kwang where he mastered the technical expertise of laparascopic and robotic gastrontetstinal surgery.

She was trained as a surgeon primarily on peritonectoneal surface malignancies and minimally invasive surgeon for gastrointetstinal malignancies. She was mentored by Yutaka Yonemura MD,PhD in Peritoneal Oncology Center, Osaka-Japan, where 400/year peritonectomy and intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy and over 200/year laparascopic hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy and bidirectional intraperitoneal chemotherapy applications have been performed. Her book entitled as ”Peritoneal Surface Malignacies: A curative approach” is going to be published by Springer in July 14, 2015.